Saturday, November 24, 2012

More polka dot organization

I have been gradually sharing pictures of my classroom and resources that I made for it. As I mentioned before this year I went from 20 first graders, to 31 in a first/second grade split (yikes!!). Just trying to organize thirty-one of anything is daunting, and the paperwork..
 Here is how I organized my student's daily work. I  have 31 hanging file folders in 3 milk crates (so everyone is not crowded, otherwise known as pushing and shoving,
around one crate) and assigned a folder to each student (they each have student numbers). I made these polka dot "flower" numbers for each student and stapled them securely to the back of a hanging file folder (with the number facing forward). The reason for this is that each student was shown how to locate their number, place their finger on the number and slide their hand straight down to make sure they have the right folder.
Now unfinished work goes here in their work folder instead of lost around the room (we have group tables rather than desks).
This has worked quite well for us,
I do have to go in every now and
then to push down papers that
are sticking out, or to throw away
old papers, but other than that
they are able to manage them
on their own.
So I am adding a copy of these number flowers that you can print out on cardstock and laminate for use in your class.
In addition to the folders, I use the flowers to label certain supplies  such as scissors and glue.
If you are interested in organizing a system like this, you can get my flowers here.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog.