Monday, November 19, 2012

Love that Pete the Cat!

      Okay, I have decided that I am done feeling guilty about not posting and will just post when I can. For those of you who don't know, I will give you a little update on my crazy (teaching) life. This year at my school we went from 20 students per class to 31! After initially being freaked out, I buckled down and got ready
to welcome my 31 second graders.
I got my room set up, my book boxes and folders ready, etc. etc. you know the drill.
So... two weeks into the start of school and not too bad.  I can deal with this, I thought. Well... okay... called into the principal's
office one day and told I wouldbe losing 1/3 of my second graders, and they would be replaced by 1st graders! Yep, I now had a 1/2 split!Had I done a split before? No. Had I even done second grade!
Fortunately for me, I got to loop up with most of my first graders from last year, who are very high. Unfortunately for me, I welcomed 13 extremely low first graders, transferred in from another school. First graders that do not know the names of most of the letters of the alphabet, and very few letter sounds. OMG!
So, I have been keeping busy trying NOT to crack up and do as much as I am able to do in my crazy classroom.
Most days are spent late at school, I go in early, I go in on weekends, but I am nowhere near having things run smoothly. They just kinda... run!
So instead of feeling bad about not keeping up my blog I figure that I will just post what I can, when I can and see if anyone is interested.
I have been asked to post some pictures of my classroom. I have jumped aboard the "polka-dot" bandwagon and LOVE it. I will share some of the things I have made here in case anyone else is dotty for dots.
The first thing I want to share is this hanging that I made for my room. Both my kids and I LOVE Pete the Cat. I made these posters as much for myself as for my students, there are days when you will find me banging my head against the wall mumbling, "It's all cool...".
If you'd like to put together this cute hanging for your room, you need ribbon and these posters.