Monday, July 9, 2012

New Resource

As you know, I have been spending a lot of time creating resources/products for my TpT store in preparation for the upcoming school year.
I don't know about you, but where I am in California education is getting getting hit with drastic cuts. Not only are our class sizes increasing (32 in Kinder, 33 in 1-3!), but our budgets are decreasing. Districts and thus teachers, will have much less money for resources and supplies.
Especially with many of us moving to Common Core, not only are our materials outdated, but Districts have no money to replace them!
That is one of the reasons that I post free products for a limited time. I am hoping that teachers and homeschoolers are able to take advantage during this short window.
I hesitate to link items here that are free because I don't know how (and will forget) to "unlink" them (is that a word?) once the freebie period is over.
So, this is what I propose to do. I will post/link items here, but they will have an "expiration" date. If you are reading this post after that date, please note that the item is still available in my TpT store, but no longer for free (although I always have many, many freebies available that I would love for you to check out).
I'm hoping this will prevent anyone from being disappointed if they click the product link after the "expiration" date.  Not stinky like expired milk, but a disappointment just the same.
So, that being said, I would like to share my latest resource with you.

Here I have six different activities (5 for Language Arts, 1 for math) that I created for early primary classes. By early primary, I mean the beginning of First Grade, as well as Kinder and Pre-K.
Here are some shots of a few of the activities.

     Dolch/Sight word match.     Alphabet recognition/match.
There is also a CVC word building activity

and a math/number "Poke and Peek".
Again, these activities are geared to more basic skills: number recognition, alphabet match, etc.. that may be too "easy" for some First Graders and even some Kinders, but I hope they will come in handy for many others.

I really love this colorful unit (I adore ThistleGirl graphics as you may have noticed) and hope you do too. I am currently working on a similar type of resource, but this one is based on Fairy Tales rather than Nursery Rhymes.
The EXPIRATION DATE for this free resource will be Aug. 1.
If you are reading this blog post after that date, it will no longer be available for free (again, please visit my store and see what is currently free, it's always changing).
If you have a chance, let me know what you think.
Hope your summer is going well. Reeeeeeeeeeeeelax.