Sunday, July 8, 2012

Handwriting Resource

Here are some great handwriting resources for your primary classroom. I have a large "Sky, grass and ground" writing banner across the top of my whiteboard which is a very useful resource for my students, especially early in the year.
It looks like this (except that it has the entire alphabet on it). It is wonderful for students to use to help with letter formation and letter positioning, which is difficult for our Kinders and Firsties.
This is another wonderful free resource from Sparklebox. At Sparklebox you can find many resources using the sky, grass, ground method. They even have each sight word on a separate page that you can laminate and have your students trace.  I took one of their pages and scanned and enlarged it for my classroom. I then wrote the letters on it and hung it in my room.
I also made a small mini-banner that I laminated and keep on my whiteboard. I can easily grab this mini-banner and using a dry erase marker, I can demonstrate how to write words or letters as they are presented. You can just see the corner of that mini-banner in this picture of one of my class whiteboards.
See the banner to the right?
Here is a link to these wonderful writing resources available free from Sparklebox. Be sure to check out their other resources while you are there.
Just another resource that would be a wonderful addition to your classroom and something you may want to think about creating over the summer.