Thursday, May 3, 2012

Classroom Pointers

Pointers are great to have in the classroom. The students love to use them and I am constantly using them in lessons. I have a ton of adorable pointers, that are super easy to put together.
It's a bit difficult to see, but here is my pointer holder on my desk. One of the jobs of the student of the day is to choose the pointer that we will use for calendar time/morning meeting. They love being the one to do this.
Here is a super simple way to keep lots of cute pointers on hand... antenna balls!
Wherever I go, I keep an eye out for cute antenna balls. I've gotten them at WalMart, Disneyland, auto parts stores, theme parks, even my son's Navy graduation! You can also get them online from sites like "Super Balls".
Just pick up a 2-3 foot dowel from any hardware store, pop the antenna ball on the dowel and you are good to go!
Jack in the Box often has antenna balls for different seasons. You can also hot glue little toys to the ends. Here is one I made for Halloween using a skull whistle and a spider ring I got from the Dollar Store.
Just keep you're eyes open and you'll find so many things that could be used.

Here are a few more pictures of some of my pointers. I rotate them so that we have seasonal pointers, holiday pointers, sports pointers and a constant variety for the students to choose from.
Just one more way of catching
their attention and making learning a bit more fun, and isn't that the whole "point"!?