Sunday, March 4, 2012


Thanks to everyone who left such nice remarks about my Pass the Princesses game! I think we will have lots of happy little girls in classrooms all over. However, not to neglect the boys (and the un-girly girls -- I have a couple of those:) I will attempt to upload the Transformers Game.

Don't Take My Transformer can also be played two ways. Once is just a simple memory game where two cards are turned over to see if they match.  If you want to use the cards for this game, make sure to print each page twice to have doubles to match.
The second game is the one that the kids want to play over and over again. In this case Don't Take My Transformer!, I put all the cards in a container that you cannot see through and that can withstand lots of little fingers jamming themselves inside (see my last post for a photo). In the download I have included a label that you can use for your container .

To download the game click here. Enjoy!