Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smart Cookie Cards

If you have not been over to ProTeacher and taken advantage of the wonderful task cards they have posted there, you are really missing out! Look under "Task Cards". There is even a task card group!
Many teachers have taken the time to create wonderful cards in every area and for every grade level! They are absolutely terrific.
Here is just one way I use them in my classroom.  I print up cards containing skills we are just learning, or need further practice on, and laminate them on sturdy cardstock.  I then hole punch then and slide them onto binder cards.  My students know that any time they finish an activity early, or need something to do they can go to the "Smart Cookie" Jar take down a ring of cards and practice wither by themselves or quietly with a friend.
My students love doing this and I found that it really helps their recall and solidifies what we have are learning in the classroom.
Here is picture of how they are displayed in my classroom.  I got this giant cookie jar and cookies for $2.00 at Target.

And thank you to everyone who helped me not feel so bad about not posting as often as I feel I should! I really will try harder to post more often.  But if I don't, you know I must be creating new stuff -- so it's not all bad.