Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flying dice -- no more!

Here is one way I help my "enthusiastic" firsties keep a hold of their dice during games, and make the whole rolling and passing a bit calmer. I purchased some small plastic containers from the Dollar Store. I think there were 10 in a package for $1.00. I also purchase extra dice from the same place (also 10 in a pack for $1).

I then added two dice (die?) to each container and glued the top on. Now whenever a student or students need a pair of dice they just grab one of these handy containers. They shake the container and them place it, top down, on the table. They can easily see what numbers they have "rolled", and it makes it simple to pass the entire container to the next player. I still sometimes have overly enthusiastic players (usually boys) slam the container down as they turn it over, but for the most part, it is relatively quiet, quick and no more flying dice! Yippee!